Teal,/Celestinian1179532.html,Expo,yd/3/16,,International,mjwel.com,Cord,Trim,,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Sewing,$14,20,Twisted,Wanda $14 Expo International Wanda Twisted Cord Trim, 20 yd/3/16, Teal Arts, Crafts Sewing Sewing Teal,/Celestinian1179532.html,Expo,yd/3/16,,International,mjwel.com,Cord,Trim,,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Sewing,$14,20,Twisted,Wanda Expo International Wanda Twisted Cord Trim 16 3 Nashville-Davidson Mall Teal 20 yd Expo International Wanda Twisted Cord Trim 16 3 Nashville-Davidson Mall Teal 20 yd $14 Expo International Wanda Twisted Cord Trim, 20 yd/3/16, Teal Arts, Crafts Sewing Sewing

Expo International Wanda Twisted Cord Trim 16 3 Nashville-Davidson Mall All items in the store Teal 20 yd

Expo International Wanda Twisted Cord Trim, 20 yd/3/16, Teal


Expo International Wanda Twisted Cord Trim, 20 yd/3/16, Teal

Product description


20 yards of Wanda 3/16" Twisted Cord Trim The Wanda Twisted Cord Trim measures approximately 3/16" in width. The Wanda cord trim is great for pillow and cushion edging, table runners and home decor items. Please note- due to the way in which this trim is manufactured, the size described is approximate.

Expo International Wanda Twisted Cord Trim, 20 yd/3/16, Teal

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UMOON Productions is one of the most established Film Production Houses in Thailand.
Our International Production Team, with over 15 years of experience, can solve all your creative and cultural problems when filming abroad.
Our vast network of Clients, Agencies and Productions proves our strong expertise and high quality service in the Film Production industry.

UMOON Productions is at your service and here to meet your needs.

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