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LUXON Flame tip LED filament candelabra light bulb Warm White 27


LUXON Flame tip LED filament candelabra light bulb Warm White 27

Product description

2-Watt Led Filament Candle Light Bulb,E12 C35 Candelabra Base Lamp,Warm White 2700k,Exact Equivalent to Standard 25W Incandescent Chandelier Bulb --Vintage flame tip Shaped LED Candle Filament bulb combines the technology of today with the decorative look of the past. --Standard E12 Candelabra Edison screw base, installs into existing American E12 base fixtures directly. --Energy Saving. LED Lighting is evaluated as the most energy efficient lighting source so far.It could save up to 80% energy comparing to traditional lighting. Use LED lighting will save your family cost, save the lovely planet cost. --Integration of traditional bulb characteristics, bulb for vacuum processing, and filled with special gas, effective heat conduction generated slides out for easy heat dissipation, improve lifespan. Application: Fit in perfectly for home or indoor party christmas and holiday decoration or single used for pendant lights or other ligting fixtures. Specification: Watt: 2w. Voltage:110v. Light source : Epistar 2020 LED. Material : Clear glass. Beam angle : 360 degrees Driver: IC constant current driver. Dimmable with LED compatible dimmers ONLY.

LUXON Flame tip LED filament candelabra light bulb Warm White 27

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