Card,Traditional,Deluxe,$3,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,,with,Hirten,J.,/conin1075755.html,Catholic,Pra,William,Holy $3 William J. Hirten Deluxe Catholic Holy Card with Traditional Pra Home Kitchen Wall Art William J. Hirten Deluxe Catholic Card Pra half with Holy Traditional Card,Traditional,Deluxe,$3,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,,with,Hirten,J.,/conin1075755.html,Catholic,Pra,William,Holy $3 William J. Hirten Deluxe Catholic Holy Card with Traditional Pra Home Kitchen Wall Art William J. Hirten Deluxe Catholic Card Pra half with Holy Traditional

William J. Hirten Deluxe New arrival Catholic Card Pra half with Holy Traditional

William J. Hirten Deluxe Catholic Holy Card with Traditional Pra


William J. Hirten Deluxe Catholic Holy Card with Traditional Pra

Product description

Give the beautiful gift of a 5" Catholic Holy Card for any special occasion or holiday. Over 90 different figures to choose from! From St. Christopher to Our Lady of Grace to Christ the King, you can find your favorite figure and learn about their bio and prayer. Designed and crafted by elegant and skilled Italian Artists, each card comes with beautiful artwork of the holy figure on the front, a short biography and facts in the centerfold and a prayer on the back. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of a beautiful saint holy card for any special occasion or holiday such as confirmation, first communion, baptism, Christmas, or birthdays. Know that these great cards will be cherished for years to come. What Comes in Your Order? - 1x 5" Catholic Holy Card (Your Choice of Figure)

William J. Hirten Deluxe Catholic Holy Card with Traditional Pra

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