DC Cargo Mall 2-Pack Magnetic Parts Trays 5 for Sale special price R Inch - E-Track DC Cargo Mall 2-Pack Magnetic Parts Trays 5 for Sale special price R Inch - E-Track $9 DC Cargo Mall 2-Pack Magnetic Parts Trays for E-Track - 5 Inch R Automotive Tools Equipment $9 DC Cargo Mall 2-Pack Magnetic Parts Trays for E-Track - 5 Inch R Automotive Tools Equipment R,Inch,Parts,5,Magnetic,2-Pack,-,Trays,$9,Cargo,E-Track,mjwel.com,Mall,Automotive , Tools Equipment,DC,for,/conin776455.html R,Inch,Parts,5,Magnetic,2-Pack,-,Trays,$9,Cargo,E-Track,mjwel.com,Mall,Automotive , Tools Equipment,DC,for,/conin776455.html

DC Cargo Mall 2-Pack Magnetic Parts Trays 5 for Max 78% OFF Sale special price R Inch - E-Track

DC Cargo Mall 2-Pack Magnetic Parts Trays for E-Track - 5 Inch R


DC Cargo Mall 2-Pack Magnetic Parts Trays for E-Track - 5 Inch R

Product description

Two (2) E-Track Magnetic Parts Trays stick onto your E-Track magnetically (does not have E-Track fittings) to keep your trailer organized and your small metal parts close at hand. Magnetic screw tray is a great addition to your E-Track organization accessories. Use this magnetic tray for screws for DIY projects, repairs, and working on cars. Powerful magnet plate for screws, nuts, bolts, and small tools so they don’t fall into the abyss - and you don’t have to spend time retrieving them. The perfect magnetic bowl. Leave it in any position - sideways, or upside down, and the screws won’t fall out. Don’t worry that this metal parts tray will get knocked down. Magnetic steel bowl is made of stainless steel for long-lasting use, and has a 5 inch diameter, with a 2 inch magnetic base. Magnetic Tray, small, is the perfect magnetic plate for mounting on E-Track, car hoods, toolboxes, and radiators.

DC Cargo Mall 2-Pack Magnetic Parts Trays for E-Track - 5 Inch R

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Dig into our studies on personality types and their impact on our lives – geographical distribution, social attitudes, relationships, and much more.

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