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Tommy Hilfiger Import Women's Max 90% OFF Midi Chiffon Paisley

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Chiffon Paisley Midi


Tommy Hilfiger Women's Chiffon Paisley Midi

Product description

Tommy Hilfiger chiffon paisley midi dress with a ruffled skirt

From the manufacturer

Tommy Hilfiger Brand Banner

Women's Dresses

Bell Sleeve Dress


Asymmetrical Sheath Dress

Fit and Flare Dress


Sheath Dress

Scuba Crepe Dresses

Scuba Zip Up Dress

Sleeve Type
Bell Sleeve Sleeveless Sleeveless Sleeveless Short Sleeves
Additional Colors
Zipper Closure
A-line Sheath Fit and flare dress Sheath Shift
Jersey Hem Scuba Crepe Scuba Scuba Crepe
Professional Dry Clean Only Professional Dry Clean Only Professional Dry Clean Only Professional Dry Clean only Professional Dry Clean only

Women's Chiffon Dresses

Chiffon Midi Dress

Chiffon Midi Dress

Chiffon Trapeze

Chiffon Maxi Dress

Additional Colors
Zipper Closure
Midi Dress Midi Dress Trapeze Maxi Dress
Chiffon Chiffon Chiffon Chiffon
Professional dry clean only Professional dry clean only Professional dry clean only Professional dry clean only

Women's Jumpsuits

Bow Tie Jumpsuit

Cropped Jumpsuit

Lace Sleeve Jumpsuit


Additional Colors
Zipper Closure
Fit and Flare Midi Maxi Dress Fit and Flare Trapeze
Chiffon Chiffon Chiffon Chiffon
Professional dry clean only Professional dry clean only Professional dry clean only Professional dry clean only
Waist detail
Belt at the waist Self tie at the waist

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Chiffon Paisley Midi

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