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MENSI 5 Feet 2 Way Y Propane At the price Splitter Industry No. 1 Adapter Converter Tank CGA

MENSI 5 Feet 2 Way Y Splitter CGA Propane Tank Converter Adapter


MENSI 5 Feet 2 Way Y Splitter CGA Propane Tank Converter Adapter


Product Description

  • This extension hose is easy to connect your 20~50lbs propane tank by hand.
  • The Y split design help you to connect two camping grill or stove easily at the same time to hook up your tank.
  • You do not need two hoses and do not need two adapter even without a 2y propane adapter just using this hose you can solve the problem and save much costs.

  1. Easy Connect---Convert your CGA 1lb tank regulator to Qcc1 type propane cylinder for most camping grill
  2. Safety--Over flow protection amp; Over heat protection built inside the adpater to prevent any problems.
  3. High Pressure Resistance---350PSI rated hose rather than maxium 250PSI propane tank outlet pressure to keep safe.
  4. Durable Material--- Both adapters made of brass and reinforced hose with longger life
  5. Widely use--suitable for lantern, heater, camp stove, portable grill, tabletop grill, and more. Great for camping, tailgating, heating needs or having an outdoor cookout.

5 Feet 2 Way Y Splitter CGA Propane Tank Converter Adapter Hose

How the propane hose works

  • Designed with control needle valve you can close one of the grill easily as well as changing the flame.
  • This hose saves cost instead of using a tee adapter plug two prppane hose, one of our hose can solve all the problem just with one time connection which help you avoid more gas leakage problem.
  • No tools required during use, just connect the black qcc adapter to the propane tank and other two male adapter connect your 1 lb regulator on your grill.

  • Working instructions:

  1. the over flow device is designed inside, if the grill connection loose, the gas will be shut off.
  2. you have to connect the grill well first then open the gas, or the safety device will work and no gas come into the grill
  3. The hose connection male adapter is only suitable for 1lb regulator (1'-20 unef female connection), it cannot connect a low pressure regulator with qcc or pol inlet fitting.
  4. The needle valve is good for adjust the gas flow, if you want to stop one of grill, just close the needble valve , and if you do not use it for long time, colse the cylinder valve as well.

MENSI 5 Feet 2 Way Y Splitter CGA Propane Tank Converter Adapter

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