Table,Easter,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,3,Signs,C,Table,Jetec,Decoration,/plasmapheresis1179606.html,Happy,Bunny,,Pieces,$9 $9 Jetec 3 Pieces Happy Easter Table Decoration Signs Bunny Table C Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies Jetec 3 Pieces All stores are sold Happy Easter Signs Table Bunny Decoration C $9 Jetec 3 Pieces Happy Easter Table Decoration Signs Bunny Table C Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies Table,Easter,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,3,Signs,C,Table,Jetec,Decoration,/plasmapheresis1179606.html,Happy,Bunny,,Pieces,$9 Jetec 3 Pieces All stores are sold Happy Easter Signs Table Bunny Decoration C

Jetec 3 Pieces 70% OFF Outlet All stores are sold Happy Easter Signs Table Bunny Decoration C

Jetec 3 Pieces Happy Easter Table Decoration Signs Bunny Table C


Jetec 3 Pieces Happy Easter Table Decoration Signs Bunny Table C

Product description


Cute appearance:
The Easter wooden table signs are designed in cute bunny and truck appearance, which can make your home become warm and lively.

Colorful sign:
The Easter tabletop decoration features bright and vivid colors, which can easily attract people's attention.

Blessing words:
The Easter wooden table signs are printed with blessing words, like Happy Easter, Easter blessing and welcome, showing your warm wishes to your guests.

Material: wood
Color: as shown in the pictures
Size: 155 x 220 mm, 168 x 210 mm, 188 x 136 mm

Package includes:
3 x Easter wooden table signs

Warm notes:
1.Please allow a little error on the size due to manual measurement.
2.The color might exist slight difference due to different displays.
3.The words on the products are not as trademark, our trademark is Jetec.

Jetec 3 Pieces Happy Easter Table Decoration Signs Bunny Table C


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