$49 Set of 2 Vintage Design Industrial Wheel Farmhouse Cage Wall Mou Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Farmhouse,Vintage,Set,Design,Industrial,2,/plasmapheresis1179706.html,$49,Wheel,of,Mou,mjwel.com,Cage,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Wall Set Inventory cleanup selling sale of 2 Vintage Design Industrial Wheel Farmhouse Cage Mou Wall Farmhouse,Vintage,Set,Design,Industrial,2,/plasmapheresis1179706.html,$49,Wheel,of,Mou,mjwel.com,Cage,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Wall $49 Set of 2 Vintage Design Industrial Wheel Farmhouse Cage Wall Mou Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Set Inventory cleanup selling sale of 2 Vintage Design Industrial Wheel Farmhouse Cage Mou Wall

Set Inventory cleanup selling sale of 2 Vintage Design Industrial Outlet SALE Wheel Farmhouse Cage Mou Wall

Set of 2 Vintage Design Industrial Wheel Farmhouse Cage Wall Mou


Set of 2 Vintage Design Industrial Wheel Farmhouse Cage Wall Mou

Product description


Welcome to YILYNN Vintage Design Industrial Wheel Farmhouse Cage Wall Mount Pulley Wall Light Specification Shipping Weight: 2.2 KG. Size: Cage :Diameter 7.9 inch, height 9.8 inch.Pulley Bracket: height 11 inch, length 7.9 inch,The total length of brown plug cable with switch is 177inch Bulb Base:E26/E27,Suitable for a variety of light sources (LED, incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp) Bulb Included: No Voltage: 110-130V (U.S. standard line voltage) Maximum Wattage: 60W Material: iron Color: Gold cage + Brown plug wire with switch Style: Industrial /vintage/transitional/art decor/casual. Application: Pendant Ceiling Light, perfect for your Hallway Kitchen Dining Room Entryway Bar, Corridor Basement Loft and Bathroom and so on. Warm tips Please install it by a licensed electrician. Please make sure you have cut off the electricity supply before installation. Any E26/E27 bulb is available, LED bulb, Edison Bulb, tubular bulb and so on. Package include Ceiling Light x 1 Accessories package X 1 Users' mannual x 1

Set of 2 Vintage Design Industrial Wheel Farmhouse Cage Wall Mou


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