$11,Storage,Basket,Straw,mjwel.com,/plasmapheresis776306.html,Basket,,Seaweed,Vosarea,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,S,Rattan,Hand-Woven Vosarea Rattan Storage Basket Seaweed S Hand-Woven Straw Max 60% OFF Vosarea Rattan Storage Basket Seaweed S Hand-Woven Straw Max 60% OFF $11,Storage,Basket,Straw,mjwel.com,/plasmapheresis776306.html,Basket,,Seaweed,Vosarea,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,S,Rattan,Hand-Woven $11 Vosarea Rattan Storage Basket,Straw Seaweed Basket, Hand-Woven S Home Kitchen Storage Organization $11 Vosarea Rattan Storage Basket,Straw Seaweed Basket, Hand-Woven S Home Kitchen Storage Organization

Vosarea Rattan Storage Basket Seaweed S Hand-Woven Straw Max 60% Large discharge sale OFF

Vosarea Rattan Storage Basket,Straw Seaweed Basket, Hand-Woven S


Vosarea Rattan Storage Basket,Straw Seaweed Basket, Hand-Woven S

Product description



This is a premium natural seaweed woven basket. Natural seaweed woven products not only have the storage function, but also let you feel the natural fragrance. It is natural and of country style which exudes the fresh air of nature, and integrates the natural charm into the home life.


- Brand: Vosarea.
- Color: As shown.
- Material: Straw.
-Size L: 11*7*4.9inch.Size M: 10.2*6.3*3.9inch.Size S :9.1*5.1*3.1inch.

Warm Tip: Dear buyer, due to lighting effect, monitor's brightness, manual measurement and etc, there could be some slight differences in the color and size between the photo and the actual item. Sincerely hope that you can understand! Thank you!
Package Including
1 x Vosarea New Seaweed With Button Woven Basket

Vosarea Rattan Storage Basket,Straw Seaweed Basket, Hand-Woven S


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