Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,/plasmapheresis776606.html,Votive,Set,mjwel.com,Decorative,Candle,$18,Holders,3,Holders,Glass,Tealight,of Set of 3 Decorative Max 45% OFF Votive Candle Tealight Glass Holders $18 Set of 3 Decorative Votive Candle Holders,Glass Tealight Holders Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Set of 3 Decorative Max 45% OFF Votive Candle Tealight Glass Holders Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,/plasmapheresis776606.html,Votive,Set,mjwel.com,Decorative,Candle,$18,Holders,3,Holders,Glass,Tealight,of $18 Set of 3 Decorative Votive Candle Holders,Glass Tealight Holders Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Set of 3 Max 87% OFF Decorative Max 45% OFF Votive Candle Tealight Glass Holders

Set of 3 Decorative Votive Candle Holders,Glass Tealight Holders


Set of 3 Decorative Votive Candle Holders,Glass Tealight Holders

Product Description

Irregular Face Design Series


You may see lots of irregular face design on jewellery ,now face line art is revived through decoration and home accessories.

We put the most three classic pattern on candle holders,elegant and gorgeous.

Not only can be used as votive holders but also can hold cosmetic brushes,pencils,flowers anything you like.

At HOMMAX we have a large selection of candle holders.For all products we have added pictures of what it looks like when the candles are lit.

Choose the color that matches your interior and make it cozy in an instant.

We have candle holder series that perfectly match the cold months, but also items that you can use in the summer.

And that even look nice when there is no candle burning in it.

Please find more as below ......

11 11 11 11 11
Flower Design Leaf Design Animal Print Design Lace Design Holiday Design
Material 100% Glass 100% Glass 100% Glass 100% Glass 100% Glass

Set of 3 Decorative Votive Candle Holders,Glass Tealight Holders


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